Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Raw Meat and Black Coffee

How's your shit bargain bloggers?  I'm hoping your answer is daily and without trouble.  If it was my response would be "Great!", if not my response would be "Start eating better"

That will now segue into my thoughts on how men should eat.  that is right, how FUCKING men should eat.  Us men, we go out, we order our food just like the rest of you, one word at a time and one choice.  Well maybe two..... OK these days some go three.  But I am talking about the one order.

We all get our menus upon arrival at our local watering holes and we skim.  Skim for that eye catching, mouth cumming dish to grab our eye sockets and finger bang them with flavor.  For men this dish involve meats, that is right, meats.  And just like my title reads they are most likely RAW meats.


hmmmmmmmmmm, gaze at these juicy raw meats and lose your gourd in the thought of bathing in them. Nothing gets my mouth watering as much as raw meat.  That's a lie, beer.

But that's a different story for a different post.  It is a true sign of a man when he not only chooses a meat meal but when that lovely garson asks how you would like it, all you say is raw.  You'll see the waitress's nipples perk once she realizes she just took an order a from a true man.  congratulations.  

Now when you leave your number on the bill you will have a better chance of her calling.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


yo ho ho and a blog of rum. I wish..... that would make me randomly talking (typing) a little more fun. However, until Mac gets off its ass and makes technology that will get you drunk while surfing the web I will have to make due on my own.

So.... Karma..... just something I was thinking about on my long drive home from work so I decided to search the term on a search engine (you should stop saying Google as a search term so as not to destroy the company name) and guess what I found. You got it, a Wikipedia page at the top of the list.


Once clicked upon I was able to see what 'the People' of the internet describe it as:

Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen);[1] Pali: kamma) in Indian religions is the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle ofcause and effect (i.e., the cycle called saṃsāra) originating in ancient India and treated in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh philosophies.

As you can see it is a term used to describe cause and effect. That is very interesting to me. There is a belief out there that says if you do 'Good' then 'Good' things will happen to you (also works with the polar opposite of Good, which of course is 'Bad') Now this gets me thinking, how are we to determine what is really considered Good and what really is Bad. This in turn makes me reflect on my own life. Not because I believe in some imaginary force (or 'Higher Power') sitting there watching my every move and nodding is acceptance or shaking in disbelief, taking note and planning of ways to counteract my life with equal reaction to my actions and am excited or worried about what the future has in store for me. But I think about it in terms of what I do as compared to others. Which really doesn't get you anywhere because if you are doing what everyone else is doing maybe that means we will all just end up with the same great/shitty life happenings, in my eyes if its great for all then it in turn is just shitty.

You can look back on moments in your life and think, "Oh I helped the old man next door get his mail and newspaper the other day, that must be why I just won $20 on this scratch ticket I just bought." But really? Could those things really be connected in some sort of way that is above us? Outside of our realm? I don't know. No one should say they know. If that belief gets you through the day then more power to you.

I digress, if there really is a thing out there that could be labeled as 'Karma' then I really want to see a majority of people get what is coming to them. Be it good or bad.

For instance, the world of 'Reality TV' that more and more people flock to on a daily basis. If these real life 'People' believe in Karma then they got something coming their way in the future. Take the show 'Toddlers in Tiaras' for example...............

I always need a moment after this show is mentioned. If the 'parents' on that show ever believed in Karma than they wouldn't force their children into those outfits and prance them around an almost baron audience let alone national television. This show makes it so all pedophiles need is a TiVo or DVR and they are set for marathons of underage festivities. I hope for Karma in this case.

I could go on with countless other examples but I'm sure that most people didn't even make it this far into my post without losing interest and moving on to another site. If I am wrong then I thank you. Who knows I may return to this topic just to keep the people thinking.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Secret Treats

Hello you crazy cyber surfing media frenzy blog hopers. I have not posted in awhile (I am sure now most of my rants start off this way) but I recently had people over for some "good times" and by that I mean fantastic times while they were happening and then they were forgotten once awake. oh the crazy life of people with mediocre jobs that give us money to blow.

None the less the beginning of the night started with beer and girls around. I know what you are thinking "Cool" and it was because I had the beer and they were making delicious food to be consumed by a man with munchies later that night. While this was going on I over heard the same term in between my guzzles and that was 'Pinterest'. Now I'm sure you tech savvy internet groupies have heard of this site before, it is a site for the crafty/cooking inhabitants of the web to search 'boards' and 'pin' articles/pictures of nick nacks of 'interesting' things. I don't know if you can tell but this site is definitely geared towards the female population.

Now you have a good idea of what we are working with. During the cooking and the chitter chatter of talks about hidden gems found on this site a very good friend of mine had the idea of a clever treat to make from left over edible goodies and I told her I would post the pictures and information on this blog so she can have some material to 'pin'. Of course I had to have a rant prior to abiding to this promise.

I'm sure this article will be shunned by the inhabitants of this site but regardless it might be an interesting 'pin' to have added to people's virtual flair.

Now for the recipe:

First you must take some crescent roll dough found at any run of the mill grocery store and you apply some kind of spread. In this case peanut butter was used but I would think fluff, nutella or something within that section of the food pyramid would suffice.

Once a perfect layer of goodness is added you can then throw some secret treats into the mix.
This will add a special little spice for your taste buds. For ours we added a Lindt chocolate, I know, we are so naughty.

After this you need to close up the crescent dough and prepare the over. We preheated at 375. I'm sure any temperature will get you the desired outcome but some temps will get you there quicker.

When oven is ready to go you throw these mother f*ckers in and they will come out like this.

hmmmmm hmmmmmm those little buggers look good. Check out the inside of these scrumptious edibles that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your friends faces.

And there you go. done and ready to be consumed. I hope you all enjoyed this random recipe.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Choices That Define Us

Fuck. I guess that always a good way to start a conversation. Especially if that conversation takes place between yourself and the keys of your computer. Ok ass if you have to call me out on the fact it technically isn't a conversation but a quiet form of mind masturbation as your phalanges vigorously strike down from one letter to the next as you try to piece together some coherent thoughts creating a brain spluge of an idea. Now thats what I call a "conversation". At least the kind I am currently having so as to keep myself (and whatever blogulation out there reading this) entertained.

So what can I discuss.... hmmmmmmm. I could always play the what's on my mind game....... Ya lets do that for a quick moment. QUE RANDOM PICTURES TO HELP DESCRIBE MY THOUGHTS!!!!!

Tiny Umbrellas.............. My thoughts exactly. Why and how did someone come up with this? Who was the first person to sit around and think, "Wow how much more refreshing would this drink be if there was a miniature portable sheltering tool placed delicately to the side of my straw?" your guess is as good as mine. Or maybe some real thirsty motherfucker was getting a drink, it started to rain and he only wanted his drink to be protected from the unnecessary watering down nature was taking the liberty to do for him. Or just maybe leprechauns are real and the only thing we have found to prove it was a very small umbrella...... that could be taking it a little too far but who cares.

While trying to find this lovely picture of a leprechaun with an umbrella i also found this....

Yes that is in fact a leprechaun riding an irish wolf hound. I know what will people think of next? Speaking of which back to my thoughts.

Clown shoes. I get it they are funny because they are too big for a normal foot. Does that mean clowns are suppose to have huge members? That wouldn't be very funny, that would be depressing in a way. Think about it some fricken clown all painted up and hoppen around, as happy as a child molester at the neighborhood sleep over, with a Goddamn dork in his pants (thats a term for a whale's penis if you didn't know). The really sad part is this pitiful excuse for a man most likely hates life and every miserable thing crawling in it. I prefer to think its just a gag and the man behind the paint is as misfortunately hung as the majority of males are.

Wow, these two thoughts do not sit well with me. No idea why they popped into my head and now I have no idea how to get them out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Its been way too long since I have plugged in and put down what has been on my mind. A lot has been going on since I last wrote, too much to bore you with so drop it. To tell you the truth there is way to much hub bubbing in my mind to even coherently pick a topic to rant on about. So i will just pick the only thing to talk about. THE VORTEX. Thats right I'm going there.

I know most of you are probably in the dark on what I might mean, but the vortex is within all of us. You ever stare at yourself in the mirror and just zone? Looking into your own eyes, just opening any mental door that appears, finding that your just falling deeper and deeper into the unpredictable blackness of your own pupal. Well thats the vortex, it is ruthless, it is endless, it is black magic to the fullest. There is no bounds to what you might find falling into this shadow of yourself, there isn't even a guarantee you will come out the same person or come out at all.

There is a lot in there that you never knew about yourself, its all there just waiting for you to go in and turn over that rock your mind never expected you to stub your toe on. Under this proverbial mental stone you could find that image, that strange thought that never wanted to be found. It will try to scurry away, bury itself deeper into the darkness but as long as you keep it in the spot light of your stare there is nowhere for it to hide. That right there is the key, the key to not only finding something out about yourself but maybe even unlocking a part of you that never even seemed like a possibility.

I encourage everyone to do this every once in awhile. Fall into your own vortex. Just hope you can come out again and be able to look at yourself in that same mirror to see the whole picture.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


i haven't written in awhile...... i apologize about that to whomever may have noticed.

People Watching (Alt)

if you find yourself bored and have nothing to do, search out a public place where you know flocks of people migrate to. once your there, just watch. this is a very interesting thing to do, some people label this the art of "people watching" some hadn't given it a name but still find themselves doing it (your welcome for giving you a title for your hobby). myself, i do this whenever another person is in eye shot of me. all you have to do is watch, now im not talking about whipping out the binoculars and full out stalk a person im merely saying watch people while they are in eye sight. you will find out very intriguing things about human nature by just watching. the whole world is just one big science experiment, you just have to choose what to take note of or what to disregard.

now the tricky part of people watching is not to be too blatant about it. its the same thing as if you were watching wild life, if they notice you there they might not do whatever it is they naturally would do at that particular moment in time. therefore, you are a factor in the equation of their actions. you don't want that, you want to be back round noise, just fit in, go chameleon and just watch. the things that you will notice will not only entertain you but in fact enlighten you on what life truly is.

we are all statistics in one way or another, it all depends on what category of person we fall under. now, with this in mind you need to be very particular on how you separate your findings on people, you don't want to just lump people in groups without knowing who that person actually is. who knows, maybe something drastic in that person's life just happened and that played into the fact whether or not he/she signs to the song they are listing to or if they just walk by that trash that is blowing by instead of picking it up and placing it in the garbage receptacle conveniently located next to them. all these things come into play when people watching.

now don't get me wrong, just sitting back and letting things happen as they do is fine, but you should never judge people on what you see, always keep an open mind to what their particular circumstance might just be at that certain time. however, feel free to judge people that just seem to make very poor decisions in life like rubbing their genitals in public or yelling at random people and trying to start confrontations every chance they get. these people have a different outlook on life, a flawed perception of being as seen by the majority of the public. you can write these people off as lost causes, because until they realize how small they really are in the grand scheme of things they will never be able to except life outside of their own worthless bubble of an existence. i guess people that rub their genitals in pubic don't really fall into this category, well they might, but not every time.

i don't really know why i just opened my blog up and started typing about this. just speaking from what on my mind i guess.

i hope something in this post makes sense to you as you read in and i hope you will now be able to perceive people a little better. or at least try to.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movie I'd Like To See.

What you have just seen is a freelance documentary
entitled "Exit Through the Gift Shop", this movie was
filmed by a French store keeper turned documenter
who tries to locate and befriend the world renowned
graffiti artist Banksy. However, since this street artist
has been anonymous for as long as he has been
around he was very reluctant to being video taped.
Other street artists that are featured are people such
as Shepard Fairley (the guy who came up with
Obama's famous "Hope" poster, as well as Invader
and many more.

This Film not only looks interesting because of the
intense graffiti that is being created before the lens,
but it is because this run of the mill guy is filming the
un-filmable. These are people that express
themselves in controversial/illegal ways. Banksy
alone has been around since the late 1980's and has
yet to be named with a face. His work is mostly stencil
art which saves on time and allows for intricate pictures.
Banksy has done some work outside of the streets such
as sneaking into well known art museums and placing
his own work on the walls (known as "shortcuts"
because it takes too long for the museums to properly
choose which painting to display). All of Banksy's work
has strong political, ethical and definitely controversial

Below are some of my favorites of his work.